I have 20 years experience as an architect working in Sydney, Brisbane and Hong Kong.

The mentoring and leadership I experienced while working at HASSELL for 9 years and then at Architectus, has provided me with a range of skills and strengths that I now take with me into private practice. Commercial project clients over a period of 15 years included ANZ, Westpac, Optiver, Deutsche Bank and Optus. In my capacity as Project leader, I learnt invaluable skills about communicating the design intent, analysing client requirements, developing an authentic design and collaborating with clients, consultants and builders to get projects successfully delivered.

With a passion for working from the inside out, my expertise focuses on the adaption of existing buildings.

Projects involve an in-depth understanding of the client brief, alterations and additions however present the added opportunity of sustainable reuse.

Generally a project brief includes: the adding of light and comfort; enhancing the indoor connection to the landscape; reinventing the interior detailing (both functionally and aesthetically); and updating the environmental performance.

Each project evolves through the process, by providing a place which tells a unique story and reflects the individuality of the client.

Through my practice I aim to contribute to the design of projects which bring joy that is timeless and enduring.